Immunwork, Inc. located in Taipei, Taiwan was founded in October 2014.

After a corporate reorganization in November 2019, Immunwork is now a wholly owned subsidiary of T-E Pharma Holding, incorporated in Cayman Island. Immunwork focuses on the research and development of a class of new drugs, which are created based on our proprietary “T-ETM pharmaceuticals” technology platform. The first group of new drugs is for treating several types of cancer, diabetes, obesity, fatty liver diseases, and pathological blood clots.


A T-E pharmaceutical contains both a targeting (T) and an effector (E) moiety. The targeting moiety directs the drug molecule to specific tissues, proteins, or cells, and the effector moiety performs the intended therapeutic functions. These designs help to improve drug’s overall efficacy and safety.


The basis of the T-E technology platform is the novel, versatile “multi-arm linkers”, used for constructing the targeting and effector moieties. When these multi-arm linkers are used to conjugate a group of 2, 3, 4, 5, or more small molecules, the conjugated products, referred as “packed multi-arm linkers” can be used for constructing various new drug molecules for broad applications.